Frequently Asked Questions

What is CMR and what are CMR’s services?

CMR stands for Construction Materials Recycling, and we offer services in rotomilling, hauling, and excavation. These services are needed when new roads or parking lots are being built, leftover construction materials are in need of recycling, and when new land is being leveled for building.

What is rotomilling?

The process of removing an old asphalt or concrete street or parking lot so a new street can be laid there.

What is grading?

The process of leveling earth.

What are the construction materials being recycled?

Asphalt, earth (dirt), concrete.

How are they recycled? What does that process consist of?

As asphalt is removed during construction and cold planing, we take it to our facility where we filter out the bad materials for new roads.

What are lime and cement slurry?

These are the liquid form of cement or asphalt before it is laid and dried to form a road.

Does CMR work with commercial or private property?

CMR works with both. Our rotomilling and hauling services are used in road-building and construction, while our residential services are for landscaping and leveling.

Is CMR a trash-removal company?

No – we only remove and recycle construction materials consisting of asphalt, cement, and earth.

As a homeowner what can CMR do for me?
    • Digging for basement
    • Digging for landscaping
    • Grading for property renovation
    • Crushing of large boulders on property

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