Landscaping Ideas for Fall

As Summer draws to a close, you might be wishing that you had more time to redesign your yard. Summer time runs out quickly, but perhaps it isn’t too late to make a few changes that can really spruce up your yard and prepare it for fall and winter. Try these landscaping ideas if you want to make your transition from summer to fall a little easier.

Plant New Trees

One of the best things about fall is the changing of leaves. There’s nothing better than walking through the mountains taking in all of those bright colors! To spruce up your yard, we suggest planting one or two Pine trees, one Red Maple, and an Aspen. Even though they’ll be small when you plant them, they will still change color as the temperature changes, and the Pine trees will provide a lovely backdrop for those reds and yellows. You’ll enjoy their color and shade for years after!

Lucky for you, this isn’t a super difficult job to accomplish! Follow these steps to help your yard look bright and beautiful just in time for fall!

    1. Decide how many trees you want and where you will be planting them. Make sure you give them enough room for roots to grow.
    2. Dig a hole about 3-4 feet across, and as deep as the roots are long at the time of planting.
    3. Place your tree inside.
    4. Backfill the hole with quality garden soil like Miracle Gro.
    5. If you want, you can build a small retaining wall around the hole like in this example. Plant flowers in the dirt around the tree to add extra color!
    6. Use small bricks or stones to build the wall. You can find these at any hardware store.
    7. To learn more about retaining walls, check out our information on them here.


Create a Fire Pit

As fall rolls in it’s going to get colder, but you might not be done hanging out outside in the evenings. Fall nights can be some of the best times for socializing and having BBQs. If it gets too cold, don’t worry, you’ve got a lovely fire to keep you warm. Fire pits create great gathering places, keep your patio warm, and you’ll enjoy how easy these are to build!

First establish the location for your new fire pit.

  1. If building on an existing stone patio, make sure you line the bottom with fire blocks where you’re going to put the fire pit.
  2. If you’re building in your backyard, dig a hole about three feet across and four inches deep.
  3. Fill the bottom of the hole with gravel or sand and tamp it down.
  4. You can either purchase a kit from your hardware store, or build it free-hand.
  5. Stack your stones or bricks as high as the inner ring. In this example we’ve stacked them about 2 feet high.
  6. As you stack, make sure you’re keeping your circle to the correct dimensions.
  7. Use concrete adhesive to glue the stones in place.
  8. Once they’re high enough, use an inner ring to keep them all together.


Build a Backyard Swing

Have you ever wanted to relax in a cozy swing with a bunch of blankets and a good book? We all love that crisp fall air, and who doesn’t enjoy relaxing outside in their own backyard? With all of these improvements you’ll enjoy your backyard space even more.

You can build this backyard swing easily, and enjoy it with or without a covering. We aren’t going to provide a super in-depth how-to build on this one. DIY Network provides both a video and a step-by-step tutorial on how to build an arbor seat.

    1. Dig the holes
    2. Set the posts in concrete
    3. Cut post tops
    4. Set crossbeams and add trim
    5. Add swing supports and hardware
    6. Measure and cut lumber for the swing seat
    7. Sand lumber and drill pilot Holes
    8. Assemble the swing’s skeleton
    9. Assemble the seat


We can’t wait for fall! Most landscaping projects are done during the summer and spring, but we like to be prepared for any season. If you would like to create or build any of these ideas for your fall enjoyment, please give us a call at 877-346-8490 and we will help you make your fall backyard dreams a reality! Check out our yard excavation information!

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